Warning Signs of a Dry Well in Bremerton

dry well servicesIs your well water drying up? How can you tell since you can’t always peek into a well and see how much water is left? Look for these signs of a dry well and promptly contact your local well drilling service for a remedy.

Muddy Water

Does the water appear muddy or discolored? When the water is low, the pump mechanism pumps water from the bottom of the well, scooping up the sediments in the process. Murky water is practically gray water and is not safe for human consumption. Aside from being cloudy, there may also be an unpleasant odor that shouldn’t be present in tap water.

Bubbly Water

The water may also appear bubbly. As ground sediments begin mixing with the water, it may also lead to gas in the water, creating bubble formations. The gas may stem from a number of elements, such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, or methane. These are harmful gasses and not suitable for use in any capacity.

Prolonged Running Pump

The pump may take longer to work as it has to work harder to reach the water way at the bottom of the well. Of course, this may also be signs of a faulty pump; contact well water services to diagnose the underlying issue.

Spike in Energy Bill

Has your energy bill been steadily increasing despite no changes in your energy usage? The pump may be working harder due to ground sediments clogging the pump. A clogged pump expends more electricity shuttling water from the well to the pipes.

We Identify a Dry Well

Contact Coolwater Drilling if you notice any of the aforementioned signs of a drying well. For your and your family’s health, don’t procrastinate calling a technician. We serve multiple areas around Bremerton and commonly diagnose a dry well in residential and commercial facilities.

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