3 Common Water Well Problems in Shelton

water well problems sheltonModern water wells can operate reliably for decades without issue. When an issue does arise, there are usually one or more giveaway signs that alert you something is wrong. Since this directly affects your water supply it’s important to contact water drilling services the minute you notice water well problems.

1. Air in the Pipes

When you turn on the faucet, does water come out in spurts? Inconsistent waterflow is a sign of air trapped in the water supply line. One remedy you can try is turning on every faucet in your home to force out the air. Begin by turning on the faucet closest to the water supply and work outward. Let it run for 10 minutes. If the water is still inconsistent, then you may have a faulty well pump.

2. Well Pump Short Cycling

A faulty pump may short-cycle, causing it repeatedly to cycle on and off. This may lead to brief moments of water loss on all faucets and showers. This may be an indicator of several problems, including a broken check valve, corrosion buildup on the well casing, or pressure loss in the pressure tank.

3. Sandy Water

Is the tap producing sandy water? This may be due to a worn well screen, leaving openings for sand and silt to enter the pump. It may also be because of decreasing water levels as the pump is switched on. If the problem persists, speak with a well pump service about installing a mesh filter screen with an automatic purge valve.

We Resolve Water Well Problems in Shelton

Don’t ignore water irregularities. There may be a serious problem with your well that warrants immediate action. Contact Coolwater Drilling to get to the bottom of the issue. Water well problems don’t go away on their own and only exacerbate over time when the owner fails to act.

Diagnosing and Resolving Water Well Problems in Shelton

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