How Often Should You Get a Well Inspection in Bremerton?

Coolwater Drilling Bremerton Well InspectionWhen was the last time you had your well checked out? If you’re like most homeowners, chances are you have no idea how frequently you should hire a professional for well inspection in Bremerton

The Importance of Annual Inspections

In general, you should have a water well inspection done once a year. Why once a year? By regularly inspecting the water well yield and water quality, as well as measuring water well output, you can prolong the life of your well by years.

Don’t try and undertake maintenance on your own! You might end up making things worse in the long term. A professional water well inspector will be able to detect and resolve any early signs of deterioration. 

What happens in between inspections?

In between inspections, you can do your part to ensure your well is properly functioning by paying attention to the quality of water. Note any changes to the odor, taste and translucency of the water supply. 

You can also inspect the well casing to make sure nothing is contaminating your water supply, such as runoff, floodwater or animal damage. It’s important that no contaminants like animal waste or fertilizer enter your water supply. If anything seems off with your water quality or well casing, call a professional to get the issue checked out immediately.

Why Well Inspection in Bremerton Is Worth Your Time

When something is wrong with your water well, it may seem like a good idea to tinker around with it yourself, but under no circumstances should you do so. The best thing you can do for your water well is to leave it to the professionals at Coolwater Drilling. 

Our team of experts is prepared to handle well inspections in Bremerton skillfully and efficiently, along with any other well drilling and well pump services. Contact us today to schedule an annual maintenance inspection today.


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