What Occurs During Well System Maintenance in Poulsbo?

Coolwater Drilling well system maintenance PoulsboIf you’re a new well owner, you may be wondering if the cost and time of well maintenance are worth it. While your well may run smoothly for years, that doesn’t mean hidden issues aren’t present. Well system maintenance can help your system deliver optimal performance for as long as possible, which technicians accomplish by performing the following checks:

Water Quality

The first thing a technician checks at your annual inspection is water quality. This ensures there are no issues with water treatment and that your water is free of harmful bacteria and contaminants. It’s also wise to get your water checked after a natural disaster, like flooding or drought.

Outside Cover & Surrounding Area

Besides the water quality, you want to ensure that your well cover is securely fastened and able to keep out any pests or contaminants. Concerns for the external safety of your well also extend beyond the unit, meaning it should be out of the way of harmful chemical drainage, your septic system and any other potential hazards.

Mechanical Parts

Finally, your technician inspects the mechanical components of your well pump and pressure tank and calibrates them. Now is the time to inform the technician of any issues with sputtering or low water pressure so they can identify the source of the problem.

Do You Need to Schedule Well System Maintenance in Poulsbo?

If you’re due for work on your well in Poulsbo, get in touch with the experts at Coolwater Drilling. Our team specializes in thorough maintenance, in addition to well drilling services, to keep your well functioning smoothly and efficiently. To learn more about the importance of well system maintenance or to schedule a visit, please contact us today!

Skilled Well System Maintenance in Poulsbo

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