What to Know About Well Abandonment in Belfair

Coolwater Drilling Belfair well abandonmentIf you have an old well on your property that you don’t use, it is very important to get it professionally taken care of. It may seem like it’s not hurting anything but abandoned wells can be dangerous. Knowing everything you can about well abandonment can help you take action. 

Abandoned Wells Can Be Dangerous 

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that an old well left to rot can be dangerous. Not only does it present a falling hazard, but it can also cause problems with the groundwater. Contaminants can get into the water supply, so it’s important to take care of it. 

You May Not Know You Have an Abandoned Well

In some cases, you may have an old well on your property and not know about it. Abandoned wells can hide in plain sight. Having a professional come out and look at your property can help you find out if you have any issues. 

You Can Professionally Decommission an Abandoned Well

If you find an abandoned well on your property, you can have a professional come out and decommission it. The well abandonment process is fairly simple but it must be done. This way, you can be sure that your property is safe. 

Need Well Abandonment Services in Belfair? 

If you want the best well services, Coolwater Drilling’s team of professional technicians is here to help. From pump services and well drilling to regular maintenance on your well, we have the experience and dedication you need. Our services also include well pump maintenance and installation and water treatment. As a local company, we are fully committed to the highest standards of service to our customers and we encourage you to contact us to learn more today!

Professional Well Abandonment Services in Belfair

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