The Causes of Water Well Loss in Shelton

well water loss sheltonOne of the drawbacks of depending on a well for water is that it may fail at some point. How do you know whether the well is really sucked dry, or whether it’s a sign of another problem? Water well loss often indicates a problem with one or more well mechanisms. Learn what these problems are and contact well drilling services with well disruptions right away.

Filtration System Failure

If no water is coming out of the faucet, it may be a sign of a failing filtration system. The filtration may be clogged from the gradual accumulation of well sediment. A clogged filter severely restricts water flow much the same way a worn AC filter inhibits airflow. 

Power Outage

Is there a blackout at the moment? The well pumping system operates via electrical power. If electricity is out in the neighborhood, the pumping mechanism will remain inoperable until power is restored. Even if electricity is back on, it may take several minutes before full power returns. 

During a blackout, we recommend switching off the well’s breaker until full power resumes. This prevents the possibility of a power surge that could possibly damage the pump’s motor.

Water Depletion

Have you increased your water usage lately? Perhaps you’re doing laundry back-to-back, using more water to wash your car, or increased use of your lawn sprinklers. You may be depleting your water source faster than the well can replenish the supply. If water usage has remained consistent, then it’s likely not related to the water supply.

We Determine the Source of Water Well Loss in Shelton 

If water is either not coming out of your faucet or coming out in short bursts, contact us today at Coolwater Drilling to get to the bottom of the situation. We’ll determine if water well loss is due to a dry well or a faulty well component.

Water Well Loss Remediation in Shelton

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