What Occurs During Well System Maintenance in Poulsbo?

Coolwater Drilling well system maintenance PoulsboIf you’re a new well owner, you may be wondering if the cost and time of well maintenance are worth it. While your well may run smoothly for years, that doesn’t mean hidden issues aren’t present. Well system maintenance can help your system deliver optimal performance for as long as possible, which technicians accomplish by performing the following checks:

Water Quality

The first thing a technician checks at your annual inspection is water quality. This ensures there are no issues with water treatment and that your water is free of harmful bacteria and contaminants. It’s also wise to get your water checked after a natural disaster, like flooding or drought.

Outside Cover & Surrounding Area

Besides the water quality, you want to ensure that your well cover is securely fastened and able to keep out any pests or contaminants. Concerns for the external safety of your well also extend beyond the unit, meaning it should be out of the way of harmful chemical drainage, your septic system and any other potential hazards.

Mechanical Parts

Finally, your technician inspects the mechanical components of your well pump and pressure tank and calibrates them. Now is the time to inform the technician of any issues with sputtering or low water pressure so they can identify the source of the problem.

Do You Need to Schedule Well System Maintenance in Poulsbo?

If you’re due for work on your well in Poulsbo, get in touch with the experts at Coolwater Drilling. Our team specializes in thorough maintenance, in addition to well drilling services, to keep your well functioning smoothly and efficiently. To learn more about the importance of well system maintenance or to schedule a visit, please contact us today!

Skilled Well System Maintenance in Poulsbo

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3 Troubleshooting Tips For Residential Well Repair Near Bainbridge Island

Coolwater Drilling Bainbridge Island residential well repairIf you’re experiencing issues with your well, don’t throw your hands up in despair! There are some quick troubleshooting tips you can use to identify problems with your system. Well pumps can last up to two decades, and some last even longer. Get the most out of your well by following these three tips for residential well repairs:

Check the Power

The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure your well pump’s electrical circuit has not been tripped. Find the service panel and identify the circuit breaker that corresponds to your well pump. Reset it by switching it off and then on again. Remember that the breaker may look like it’s functioning even if it’s been tripped, so resetting is the best option.

Inspect the Water

Water with a strange color or odors may be cause for concern. One common cause of unusual smells or colors is naturally occurring minerals from the ground, which can seep into your well water. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s essential to contact a water treatment expert.

Examine the Pressure Tank

The pressure tank requires the appropriate air pressure to properly function. Whether due to waterlogging or other malfunctions, your pressure tank can become compromised. You can correct this issue by adjusting the air pressure.

Skilled Residential Well Repair Near Bainbridge Island

If you discover additional problems while troubleshooting or find yourself in need of help, reach out to the pros at Coolwater Drilling Inc. Our team of seasoned experts provides residential well repair services, along with well drilling and well pump services. Since 1974, we’ve served the South Puget Sound area with affordable, high-quality services. Contact us today to learn more!

Get Assistance With Residential Well Repair Near Bainbridge Island

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3 Tips for Preventive Well Maintenance in Gig Harbor

Coolwater Drilling Gig Harbor Preventive Well MaintenanceIf you don’t have access to municipal water, wells are a great alternative. However, they require a bit of extra care to stay working in tip-top shape. When owners fall behind on well maintenance, they risk sacrificing the longevity and functionality of their water well. Learn more about the importance of preventive well maintenance in Gig Harbor.

Clean Around the Well

Any toxic materials around the well have the potential to seep into your water supply. That’s why it’s essential to ensure the area around your well is clean and free of contaminants like pesticides, automotive fluids and artificial fertilizers. 

Proper Well Positioning

In order to work safely and efficiently, a water well should be positioned away from houses and waste systems. A knowledgeable well expert can verify that your well is properly located to provide you and your family with safe, clean, pure water

Test the Well Water & Mechanical Functions

At least once a year, you should have a professional test the mechanical components of your well to ensure everything is in working order. You’ll also want to test your well water regularly for common contaminants. Staying alert to local water advisories is also useful in preventive well maintenance.

Need Expert Preventive Well Maintenance Services in Gig Harbor?

With more than 50 years of underground well experiences under our belts, the team at Coolwater Drilling is here to help! We offer comprehensive well drilling and well pump services for all of your needs in Gig Harbor and the surrounding area. Contact us today for our professional preventive well maintenance services, or to learn how we can help your home or business!

Preventive Well Maintenance in Gig Harbor

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Do You Need Well Pump Service or Replacement in Shelton?

Coolwater Drilling Well Pump Service SheltonInstalling your own private well comes with many benefits, like free water and better control over what enters your water supply. Taking care of your well pump is essential to maintaining a properly functioning well water system. Learn some signs that you may need to have your well pump serviced, repaired or replaced:

The Well Pump is Too Old

When properly cared for, a well pump can last between 10-15 years. That’s why, once you’ve had your well drilled, you want to ensure it is serviced and maintained regularly. Your technician can recommend repairs or replacement parts, if necessary.

It Produces Dirty Water

Well water can sometimes exude a less-than-pleasant odor but usually, it is nothing to worry about. You should start to express concern when there are bits of sediment in your water supply or other signs it may be unsafe for drinking. With proper water treatment practices, you can monitor any issues from the start.

Well Pump Fails on a Regular Basis

If it breaks down frequently, that’s a sign you may need to have your well pump serviced. A skilled technician can help you determine the origin of these issues, whether they are due to improper installation or other problems.

Well Pump Servicing & More Near Shelton

If you need to have your well pump serviced near Shelton, give the pros at Coolwater Drilling Inc. a call. We have served the local area for more than 50 years, utilizing our well drilling and pump expertise to make the most of the natural resources on your property. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in well pump servicing, water treatment and more!

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How Often Should You Get a Well Inspection in Bremerton?

Coolwater Drilling Bremerton Well InspectionWhen was the last time you had your well checked out? If you’re like most homeowners, chances are you have no idea how frequently you should hire a professional for well inspection in Bremerton

The Importance of Annual Inspections

In general, you should have a water well inspection done once a year. Why once a year? By regularly inspecting the water well yield and water quality, as well as measuring water well output, you can prolong the life of your well by years.

Don’t try and undertake maintenance on your own! You might end up making things worse in the long term. A professional water well inspector will be able to detect and resolve any early signs of deterioration. 

What happens in between inspections?

In between inspections, you can do your part to ensure your well is properly functioning by paying attention to the quality of water. Note any changes to the odor, taste and translucency of the water supply. 

You can also inspect the well casing to make sure nothing is contaminating your water supply, such as runoff, floodwater or animal damage. It’s important that no contaminants like animal waste or fertilizer enter your water supply. If anything seems off with your water quality or well casing, call a professional to get the issue checked out immediately.

Why Well Inspection in Bremerton Is Worth Your Time

When something is wrong with your water well, it may seem like a good idea to tinker around with it yourself, but under no circumstances should you do so. The best thing you can do for your water well is to leave it to the professionals at Coolwater Drilling. 

Our team of experts is prepared to handle well inspections in Bremerton skillfully and efficiently, along with any other well drilling and well pump services. Contact us today to schedule an annual maintenance inspection today.


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3 Common Water Well Problems in Shelton

water well problems sheltonModern water wells can operate reliably for decades without issue. When an issue does arise, there are usually one or more giveaway signs that alert you something is wrong. Since this directly affects your water supply it’s important to contact water drilling services the minute you notice water well problems.

1. Air in the Pipes

When you turn on the faucet, does water come out in spurts? Inconsistent waterflow is a sign of air trapped in the water supply line. One remedy you can try is turning on every faucet in your home to force out the air. Begin by turning on the faucet closest to the water supply and work outward. Let it run for 10 minutes. If the water is still inconsistent, then you may have a faulty well pump.

2. Well Pump Short Cycling

A faulty pump may short-cycle, causing it repeatedly to cycle on and off. This may lead to brief moments of water loss on all faucets and showers. This may be an indicator of several problems, including a broken check valve, corrosion buildup on the well casing, or pressure loss in the pressure tank.

3. Sandy Water

Is the tap producing sandy water? This may be due to a worn well screen, leaving openings for sand and silt to enter the pump. It may also be because of decreasing water levels as the pump is switched on. If the problem persists, speak with a well pump service about installing a mesh filter screen with an automatic purge valve.

We Resolve Water Well Problems in Shelton

Don’t ignore water irregularities. There may be a serious problem with your well that warrants immediate action. Contact Coolwater Drilling to get to the bottom of the issue. Water well problems don’t go away on their own and only exacerbate over time when the owner fails to act.

Diagnosing and Resolving Water Well Problems in Shelton

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Warning Signs of a Dry Well in Bremerton

dry well servicesIs your well water drying up? How can you tell since you can’t always peek into a well and see how much water is left? Look for these signs of a dry well and promptly contact your local well drilling service for a remedy.

Muddy Water

Does the water appear muddy or discolored? When the water is low, the pump mechanism pumps water from the bottom of the well, scooping up the sediments in the process. Murky water is practically gray water and is not safe for human consumption. Aside from being cloudy, there may also be an unpleasant odor that shouldn’t be present in tap water.

Bubbly Water

The water may also appear bubbly. As ground sediments begin mixing with the water, it may also lead to gas in the water, creating bubble formations. The gas may stem from a number of elements, such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, or methane. These are harmful gasses and not suitable for use in any capacity.

Prolonged Running Pump

The pump may take longer to work as it has to work harder to reach the water way at the bottom of the well. Of course, this may also be signs of a faulty pump; contact well water services to diagnose the underlying issue.

Spike in Energy Bill

Has your energy bill been steadily increasing despite no changes in your energy usage? The pump may be working harder due to ground sediments clogging the pump. A clogged pump expends more electricity shuttling water from the well to the pipes.

We Identify a Dry Well

Contact Coolwater Drilling if you notice any of the aforementioned signs of a drying well. For your and your family’s health, don’t procrastinate calling a technician. We serve multiple areas around Bremerton and commonly diagnose a dry well in residential and commercial facilities.

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